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Stroke Free Cookbook Coming Soon

I haven’t blogged for a while, but given what’s been happening in Chef Vickie’s kitchen, it was time to catch you up.

For about two years now I have been suffering from fatigue. At first I thought it was caused from balancing a business, family, and elderly mother who was ill. But frankly, I have been doing that most of my life.

Since the doctors couldn’t find out why I had “episodes”, they told me it was stress; aren’t we all diagnosed with stress when the medical community doesn’t have an answer.  Believe me, I am not putting doctors down, but when you are bounced from one specialist to another with no results, you try to become your own advocate.

Finally, I decided to treat the whole person not just a specific symptom. My plan was to change everything I eat and try to reduce some of the drugs that the specialists had me take. I don’t know about you but I would prefer being treated as a whole, than poked and prodded by anyone with a white coat and stethoscope.  I am glad the medical community is catching on to the concept of treating the entire patient.

My family’s medical history includes two things: cardiovascular disease and stroke, on both the paternal and maternal side.

I always kid my brother about the fact that he got the “good” genes from both sides.  I compare us to the movie, Twins”.  He’s Arnold and I’m Danny. Although only partly true, thank God he is healthy.  I, on the other hand, am working to have better health. 

When I talked to my brother, of course he wanted to help.  We researched what causes cardiovascular disease and strokes. We put together our findings in an upcoming cookbook: the Stroke Free Diet.  Before we publish the cookbook I wanted to try our conclusions on myself. I cooked and started the program, only to find my blood pressure and inflammation decreased.  You can follow me to find out how I am doing. 

Here is my brother’s take:

At almost 60 years old I am tired of all the misinformation that continues to be shared and thought it was time to take all the information and put it in an easily understandable form. As a lawyer I am used to hearing every story and having to discern what is true and what isn’t. I am used to taking reams of information and summarizing it into simple easy to understand facts. Whether we are talking to a jury, a client or even the IRS, it is what lawyers do- take complicated transactions and explain it in simple terms. I have reviewed numerous books on nutrition and numerous cookbooks expounding the virtues of the diets they support. At 6’1” I have weighed as little as 165 lbs. and as much as 240 lbs. I have tried most of the diets out there and frankly was feed up that no one (Yes No One) has put this problem into a simple understandable book that tells people what to eat and why, while providing recipes that actually taste good, are easy to make, with ingredients that you don't spend an arm and a leg buying. Do we really think that there are only 20 foods you can eat and you should do it for 20 days? Please if that is true put a gun to my head now and end it. Do we really believe that we don’t have free will regarding our food choice because a dastardly food industry has taken away our will to eat properly and we have only a fat chance of getting it back? And can every product we see really be a miracle cure, do we really live in the land of OZ?

The information is out there- we live in the age where anything you need to know is a WIFI connection away. So, this book digests all the “bunk” and gives the information you need in a simple easy to understand form.

I was blessed to have a sister who is a chef. After four years at the Florida Culinary Academy, and over twenty years, consulting to restaurants, putting menus together and feeding a whole host of clients, I knew that she would take food I found worth eating and make it taste good. Let’s face it: if it doesn't taste good you won’t eat it. If it’s not easy to cook, you won’t cook it. And if it costs you a fortune to buy, you can’t afford it. So what we needed to provide was a cookbook that tells you what to buy, and how to cook it so it tastes great and doesn't waste too much of your time. And let’s face it there is no way you are going to give up every one of your food vices or replace all the items in your basket with homemade. Given your busy schedule you are not going to make your own mayonnaise or ketchup, or cheese or yogurt. You simply don't have time. So we needed to find a way to incorporate so called “bad” foods in a way to do the least amount of harm. The recipes are designed to offer you simple ways to eat healthy while still enjoying the tastes that you love.

The first part of this book tells you why you should eat the foods we suggest. Frankly, if you don't really care, skip the first part of the book, go directly to the recipes and start cooking. The second part of the book gives you the important stuff: Shopping Lists, Menus and Recipes. The second part will change your life; the first part will make you smarter than your Facebook friends. Start eating the right foods and enjoy the simple tasty recipes. One more thing: this book is not a pulpit from which we want to tell you all the evils of your current eating plan and warn against the damage you are doing to your body every time you eat a Big Mac, sling down a Coke, or dig your fingers into ribs from the local barbeque joint that has a sauce to die for. This book is an outline of what we did to lose the weight and why we eat what we eat. We realize our plan will not work for everyone.

Yes, we wrote a cookbook with some pertinent information that’s easy to read and understand. Our book will be out in about 4-6 weeks. Until then, “Never trust a skinny chef”.