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Tasty Impressions could not be more excited about the next two days.  We are honored to have the opportunity to educate and demonstrate better nutrition to Moms at Safe Babies Healthy Families by teaching a cooking class.

 This organization serves two populations – isolated, abused and pregnant young women and young, at-risk families who lack financial, health and social supports. Our community is...

Medical Grade Vitamins

Pay for What You Get

When you pay for vitamin supplements you should get vitamins not charcoal, sawdust or other fillers. There is a huge difference between medical grade vitamin supplements and run of the mill store grade vitamin supplements. How do we separate the wheat from the chaff? In this blog I would like to explore with you the differences. Also, my recommendation is that medical grade vitamin...

I haven’t blogged for a while, but given what’s been happening in Chef Vickie’s kitchen, it was time to catch you up.

For about two years now I have been suffering from fatigue. At first I thought it was caused from balancing a business, family, and elderly mother who was ill. But frankly, I have been doing that most of my life.

Since the doctors couldn’t find out why I had “episodes”,...

It looks like the student is going to become the teacher soon! Here are some great pictures that Scott sent me demonstrating his culinary skills. These look delicious!



Salt alternatives

Did you know that tomatoes have higher sodium content than other vegetables?  Nobody likes to use the dreaded salt-shaker anymore (especially in public), but I think sometimes we crave it.  If you add one squeeze of fresh lemon juice to tomatoes or tomato sauce, it gives the illusion of a pinch of salt. One 2 x 3 tomato contains 6mg. of sodium.